My experience @ Founders Institute

Finally the day arrived . My company Sensory Health Systems graduated from the one of the worlds largest and finest startup accelerators “Founders Institute” . It was one of the most intensive program I have ever gone through and the key take away is ” Ideas are worthless unless thought , validated, derisked and executed well “. I went with a passion of doing chronic disease management app and I have pivoted at least a dozen times before I settled with my current idea of early detection platform for cardio-respiratory care . Without the expert mentors feedback and the weekly assignments aka company building activities , I would have easily wasted 2yrs of time and money. Every entrepreneur knows time is the essence of money and I’m grateful that I quickly learned from just 4 months.

The workshops , weekly company building assignments, group discussions and hot seats where everyone has to pitch in front of mentors/whole class really makes this a interesting program. There is lot of hard work and sweat involved. I was really stressed for time between full time job which involved working in 2 diff time zones , 2 kids under 3yrs and my spouse working for another startup. But what kept me going was the FI ecosystem of expert mentors and each of the mentor despite their busy schedule always responds and provides meaningful feedback . I never had the occasion where mentor would just say this doesnt work or this sucks. They always told me how best to go to my next stage.

Overall it was an awesome experience and I hope they will succeed in their mission . Like the way they are helping to achieve my mission, I would love to help them in achieving their mission as well. Good Luck FI.

If anyone has any second thoughts or has any question, please contact me via the comment section below.